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You will find a great collection of Christian Devotional Songs in this website.  Please note we are not the owner of the songs provided. We have tried to gather Christian devotional songs in one place. You can download the songs from its original source only. Here we gives Christian songs in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi Languages.

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Besides the Christian Devotional Songs, you can  watch a number of videos when you scroll the pages. Selected video songs in Malayalam and Tamil languages, Bible movies and even nature videos will find here. In this website you will see videos but original may be in Youtube and other similare websites. Ok, watch all in one place.... 

Have you ever think about the Glory  of the Creator of this beautiful nature! If we see any flower, butterfly or plant, sea, forest, clouds, mountains .........we will think about the Creator and imagine what will be the Beauty of that Creator! Here we tried to project some of these amazing and beautiful creations in images.

Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs by Kester
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Christian Devotional Songs and Videos


Chrstian Devotional Songs and Videos in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi Languages. When you browse through pages you will see a large collection of mp3 songs in Albums released from Tharangini, Kalabhavan and similar institutions. Very Old Christian songs  and New songs are available.